FAQs for Peel Smart remote | iOS

Q: Which iOS devices are supported by the Peel Smart Remote & TV Guide app?


A: The Peel Smart Remote and TV Guide is available for iPhone 4S and later phones and iPads running OS 7.0 and later.


Q: How does the Peel app connect to my set-top box?


A: The app communicates directly to the set-top box via a WiFi connection. Both your iPhone and your set-top box must be connected to WiFi.  


Q: Which TV service providers does the Peel Smart Remote app work with?


A: At this time, our app works for DIRECTV customers and certain DISH Network customers if their set-top box is connected to the Internet. Some Comcast and other service provider customers may also be able to use our app.


Q: Can I still use the app if I don’t have DISH or DIRECTV?


A: Yes. Even if you are signed up for cable services with Comcast, Cox, Charter, Time-Warner Cable or AT&T Uverse that are not supported with our smart remote capabilities, please consider ditching your clumsy on-screen channel guide and switching to Peel’s!


Q: How do I know if my set-top box is connected to WiFi?


A: Check to see if there’s an ethernet cable going into your set-top box or if there’s an ethernet cable connecting to a WiFi router or adaptor. You can also navigate to the ‘settings” or “broadband connection”  in your set-top box menu to see if it’s connected to WiFi. You may have to contact your service provider for assistance.


Q: Why can’t I control my TV with the Peel Smart Remote?


A: Currently, the Peel Smart Remote and TV Guide only works to control your Internet connected set-top box.


Q: How do I know if my set-top box is compatible with the Peel app?


Any DIRECTV box connected to WiFI should be compatible.  Later model DISH boxes, including Hopper and Hopper with Sling are compatible.  The DISH VIP222k and similar earlier models are not supported.


Q: The Peel app sporadically is tuning me to the wrong channel, what can I do?


This probably means that the WiFi connection in your TV room is too weak and remote signals are not getting processed completely.  You may need to move your router closer to your TV or purchase a WiFi booster.  


Q: How do I connect my set-top box to WiFi?


A: You can either plug in an ethernet cable or add a WiFi adaptor (e.g. from Netgear)  to your set-top box and associate that WiFi adaptor with the same WiFi network your iPhone is using.  


Q: How do I personalize my show recommendations?


A: The more you tune-in with the Peel Smart Remote and TV Guide app and “favorite” the shows you enjoy the most, the smarter the app gets at learning your preferences and will deliver personalized recommendations.


Q: How do I create Favorites?


A:  Follow the simple directions below:

1. Tap the show tile for your favorite shows from the Live TV listings.


2. Click on the “Add to Favorites” bar.


3. Go to the the menu bar in the top left hand side of the screen and select “Favorites” from the sidebar menu to view your favorite shows and their upcoming showtimes.


Q: I have the old “Peel Fruit.” Does it still work?


A: No. Recent advances in set-top box technology have rendered the Peel Fruit no longer usable.


Q: The show recommendations are not loading on my app. What should I do?


A: Try resetting the Peel Smart Remote and TV Guide app under “Settings.”


Q: I am not seeing the show listings for my country. What should I do?


A: At this time, the Peel app only works in the United States, but we will be expanding its capabilities in the near future.


Q: I have DISH but the Peel app does not seem to be able to find my set-top box?

A: The Peel app currently only works with internet-connected DISH Hopper and DISH Hopper with Sling.  If you don’t have one of these boxes, please contact DISH to upgrade.  If you do have one of these boxes, please check to make sure your box is connected to your WiFi network.