Is my phone compatible with Peel Smart Remote?


Everyone wants Peel Smart Remote app on our phones but wondering if your phone is compatible or not. 


Here is some info for you:


Peel Smart Remote ( for Android) requires an IR blaster through which the remote codes are sent to operate your TV, Set-top box, AC et al to control your devices. 


If your phone has no IR blaster, sorry to say that it is not compatible with our app. You may wish to contact your phone manufacturer and share your feedback to it on their new models.


But we have good news!!! 


Pronto turns your phone into a remote control. All these devices have ‘Bluetooth Smart’ built-in. Older devices only have Classic Bluetooth, but not Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth low energy or BLE) and do not work with Pronto.

Pronto will send out Infrared waves (IR) to control CE devices like TV, Set-top box, TiVo, Satellite receiver, Cable box, DVD, Blu-ray, Audio receiver, like a ‘normal’ remote control.  


Pronto can send ‘universal’ IR commands to control almost all types of IR equipment.


Some devices do not work with IR, but only with RF (radio frequency commands). These devices can’t be controlled with Pronto. Examples are the Sony PS3, some B&O or Bose equipment.


For more info on Pronto, please click:

To know if your phone has IR blaster or not, we recommend you to check it's specifications. 

Check out the images below how this IR blaster is placed on top of phones.





IP Control Remote:

You need to have devices that support IP Control over network. At this point, we have limited supported list of devices: DirecTV, Dish Network, Samsung TV(selected models), Sony(selected models), Roku, etc.