The country selection is available for those countries where we have the data to show an Electronic Program Guide for the major TV service providers in the country. We are constantly expanding our country coverage. So if you do not see your country listed there, send us a message (use the send feedback feature in settings) and we will send you a message when we have the support available. Till then, please refer to our below steps:


1. Open the app.

2. Choose your TV brand and proceed with the setup.

3. During the Country Selection, scroll down and select "Other Countries/Regions".

4. Now proceed to the remote functionality of the app by selecting the devices you wish to access

Screenshot_2016-05-26-06-11-07.png  Screenshot_2016-05-26-06-24-40.png  

Screenshot_2016-05-26-06-23-06.png  Screenshot_2016-05-26-06-25-12.png

If you still run into issues, please write us to